Dynasty League Baseball Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I join or start a private draft league?

A: The designated meeting place for people looking to join a private draft league or Commissioners to recruit league members is at the DYNASTY League Baseball Facebook Group: 


You can also post at the DYNASTY League Baseball Facebook Page.


Q: Are there public leagues available? 

A: There are Greatest Team public leagues available to join year round.  Public draft leagues and the new live draft room will be available at a future date.


Q: What happens if I can’t play the next scheduled series live at the series date and time?

A: The MLB.com blog post explains your options for rescheduling.  You can also have the computer manager profile play for you:



Q: Are "Dynasty" draft leagues that go from one season to the next available?

A: Yes, you can even start or join historical Dynasty leagues.  You can learn more at the MLB.com post:


Q: How do I find the rules and learn more about the game?


A: The Official DYNASTY League Baseball Rulebook can be found at this link:

Q: Can I play solitaire?

A: Yes, you can play solitaire "Series" vs. the computer manager with any teams or seasons in the DYNASTY League Baseball library.  Learn more at the MLB.com post:


Q: Can I play a "Series" live with a friend?  

A:  Yes, you can invite any friend to play a series with any teams from any season in the DYNASTY League Baseball library.  The MLB.com blog post has more on how Series with friends work:


Q: Where are the Roster and DL rules?

A: Roster and DL rules are detailed at the MLB.com post:


Q: Is there anything I need to install to play?


A: If you have the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in already installed in your browser there is no need to install anything.  Once you try to “join” a game the game will detect if you have Silverlight installed and prompt you to install it.  If you are having any issues go to this link to detect if you have Silverlight installed correctly:

https://www.microsoft.com/getsilverlight <https://www.microsoft.com/getsilverlight>


Q: Can I play on my iPad?

A: You can view your stats, standings, leaders and box scores as well as change your Manager profile.  Apple has decided to block Silverlight and other browser plug-ins such as Flash so you can’t play a game on your iPad unless you use the Splashtop Remote Desktop App. Apple does not block Silverlight on the Apple Mac so you can play on your Apple Mac.



Q: How close of an experience is playing the Online version to the original Board version?


A: DYNASTY League Baseball Online is a direct translation of the DYNASTY League Baseball Board game.  The default settings give you a transparent view into how the play results are derived by allowing you to see the player card results, dice rolls and sections of the game charts.


Q: Where can I purchase the DYNASTY League Baseball Board version and season player card sets?


A: The Ticket Window at https://www.designdepot.com/products.html has the DYNASTY League Baseball Board game version.


Q: How many days off are there between the Regular season and LCS?

A: In the automated playoffs, there are 2 rest days between the regular season and the playoffs.

Q: What is the difference for Commissioners in choosing between custom and standard automated playoffs?

A: Custom playoffs do not have automatic advancement of winners like the standard automated playoffs do --you have to set up the new series once the old series are done.  Custom playoffs do allow you to control exactly who is playing, how many games in the series, night and day games, how many rest-days between series and things like that.  There is a "create custom playoff series" button on the commissioner page. 
You'll just want to make sure you pay attention to the Last Played Date of the teams you are scheduling, as this is an internal date that wasn't exposed before.  This will allow you to set up the first day of the playoffs with the right number of off days.  Things are set up internally so that the playoffs begin on Oct 1.  The last regular season game is set to be Sept. 28th so that teams have 2 days off before the playoffs.  You can obviously choose to keep Oct 1 as your start date or use a different date.
Once caveat--custom playoffs don't currently have a way to add regular-season tie-breakers, so you will have to use 1-game playoff tie-breakers if you use them.  If you use the standard playoffs, they will use regular-season tiebreakers like MLB where the games count as regular-season games.   The custom playoffs will treat them like the 1-game wild-card playoff games. 

How does the league scheduler keep your league always on time and impossible to have players lag behind getting games played or stats and standings updated?

A: MLB.com blog: https://mlblogsdynastyleaguebaseball.wordpress.com/2011/02/22/greatest-teams-leagues-debut-with-new-scheduler/

Q: How can I learn more about the Commissioner Tools for League Organization, Edit Roster and Schedule Building?

A: MLB.com blog:


Q: How can I migrate my league from one season to the next including DYNASTY League Baseball retro past season leagues?

A: MLB.com blog: https://mlblogsdynastyleaguebaseball.wordpress.com/2013/02/07/the-first-real-time-fantasy-dynasty-league-draft-leagues-arrive/

Q:  Can I get help as Commissioner creating a schedule that can then be entered with the schedule builder?

A:  Yes, you can download an Excel schedule help file Retro_Schedule.xlsx  If you need help with the file please contact us at support@designdepot.com

Q: Can I play a game from work? 

A: You may or may not be able to depending on the corporate firewall. The two ports you need open to play Dynasty League Baseball Online are outbound TCP ports 943 & 4514.

Q: I can’t see the OK button at the bottom of the page and move past the Roster page when playing a game.

A: You must have your IE and Safari browser zoom set to 100%. 

Q: Why can’t I see the in-game box score and game summary?


A: Make sure to turn off pop up blocking in your browser.


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