All Pathetic 96+ Loss League 2nd Season

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This is the sequel to the 100 loss all pathetic league with 3 changes

We will have 24 teams rather than 16

We are allowing 96 loss teams because there aren't enough 100 loss teams

We will play 162 games one series a week.

Our 24 teams are all in and the divisions are all set. I will be working on the schedule over the next week

As always all division winners from last season were retained plus teams that players wanted to keep. Also kept the 1998 Marlins as they would have been a playoff team if we had a wild card.

The seasons range from 1957 to present.

Can you win with a bunch of losers? Join & find out

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Teams In League
1957 Washington Senators  Paul B. (SC)
1967 Kansas City A's  Keith D. (Austin, TX)
1970 Chicago White Sox  Peter I. (Fitchburg, MA)
1970 Kansas City Royals  Computer Manager
1970 Milwaukee Brewers  mace m. (WA)
1973 Texas Rangers  Computer Manager
1974 Chicago Cubs  9102 Airolg (Boston, MA)
1982 Cincinnati Reds  Harry McGuire (Quincy, MA)
1993 New York Mets  Nicholas M. (New York, NY)
1993 San Diego Padres  Mark G. (Fitchburg, MA)
1998 Florida Marlins  Computer Manager
1998 Montreal Expos  Computer Manager
2000 Philadelphia Phillies  Computer Manager
2001 Pittsburgh Pirates  Computer Manager
2002 Tampa Bay Devil Rays  Computer Manager
2003 Detroit Tigers  Stanley Olszyna (WAKEFIELD, MA)
2008 Seattle Mariners  Computer Manager
2009 Cleveland Indians  Earl Christensen (Orlando, FL)
2009 Washington Nationals  Computer Manager
2012 Houston Astros  Computer Manager
2012 Minnesota Twins  Josh P. (Woodbury, MN)
2015 Atlanta Braves  Kevin Schwarz (Monaca, PA)
2017 San Francisco Giants  Computer Manager
2019 Baltimore Orioles  J. Swithers (wilkes-barre, PA)