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This is season 3 of our great teams league. All the playoff teams (plus my 1924 Senators last place not withstanding) from the previous season are in along with the 2001 Arizona that I accidently replaced with the 2013 team last time.

162 games once a week
18 games in division
12 outside of division
3 interleague in compatible division

Let's all have fun

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Teams In League
1924 Washington  Peter I. (Fitchburg, MA)
1954 Cleveland  Earl Christensen (AZ)
1955 Brooklyn  Computer Manager
1957 Milwaukee  Michael N. (Nashville, TN)
1961 Yankess  Computer Manager
1967 Minnesota  Computer Manager
1970 Baltimore  Computer Manager
1971 Pittsburgh  Computer Manager
1974 Oakland  Computer Manager
1975 Cincinnati  Andy L. (Nashville, TN)
1977 Kansas City  Fred Abboud (Ralston, NE)
1977 Philadelphia  Computer Manager
1985 St. Louis  9102 Airolg (Boston, MA)
1993 Toronto  Beverly T. (Naperville, IL)
1998 Atlanta  Computer Manager
1999 Boston   Dom Carden (St. Paul, MN)
2001 Arizona  Computer Manager
2003 Cubs  Computer Manager
2006 Detroit  Computer Manager
2007 Colorado  Computer Manager
2009 New York (A)  Harry McGuire (Quincy, MA)
2010 Texas  Computer Manager
2016 Chicago (N)  Jim S. (IL)
2019 Washington Nats  Computer Manager