Continual Draft league Starting in 1969

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this is a draft league that starts in 1969 under 1969 rules.

16 teams 126 games
18 vs div opp
10 vs opp div opp
4 vs interleague opp

For the 2nd season (1970) we're going 162 games. After any expansion draft Teams keep the rights to 4-12 players depending on their 69 finish PLUS any rookies for the franchise they hold

Be aware that I work Sun-Thurs 3:30 to Mid EST & am busy Mondays in the AM so the days and times we play will be made to fit that schedule.

League specific rules including waver & trade rules here:

We are currently looking to expand by four teams but could go to 8 if demand is high enough please contact us by 3/31 if interested

League Injuries
Teams In League
Atlanta  John (Sully) Sullivan (plymouth, NH)
Baltimore Orioles  J. Swithers (wilkes-barre, PA)
Chicago (A)  David C. (Mt Laurel, AL)
Cin City  Beverly T. (Naperville, IL)
Cleveland  bill r. (NH)
Los Angeles  Lynn Held (Whitewater, WI)
Minnesota  Dom Carden (St. Paul, MN)
Nos Amours  Brian R. (Winthrop, NY)
NY Daytraders  Michael N. (Nashville, TN)
NY Yankees  Harry McGuire (Quincy, MA)
Oakland  Alex Kilanowski (Chandler, AZ)
Pittsburgh  Reg W. (Ventura, CA)
San Francisco Seals  Guy Desrosiers (Sundre, AB)
Seattle  Peter I. (Fitchburg, MA)
St. Louis  Mike Stover (Grand Prairie, TX)
Washington  Kevin Trainor (Tonopah, NV)