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This is the 3rd season of our draft league

15 teams from the previous season are confirmed.

the Reds and Angels have new owners & a change at work means Philly might be able to stay.

WE will play Tuesday and Friday

Draft order based on last season

League rules here

Draft Order here

We are playing the 1971 season and will begin our draft 2-3 weeks after Dynasty releases it (Feb/Mar) So if you want to join as an expansion team you need to contact me ASAP.

League Injuries
Teams In League
71 KC Royals  Dom Carden (St. Paul, MN)
Atlanta  Natalie “Nata” Lewis (Orlando , FL)
Baltimore Orioles  J. Swithers (wilkes-barre, PA)
Boston  David C. (Mt Laurel, AL)
California  Computer Manager
Cin City  Andrew W. (ON)
Cleveland  Joshua M. (Sioux Falls, SD)
Los Angeles  Lynn Held (Whitewater, WI)
Nos Amours  Brian R. (Winthrop, NY)
NY Daytraders  Michael N. (Nashville, TN)
NY Yankees  Harry McGuire (Quincy, MA)
Oakland  Alex Kilanowski (Chandler, AZ)
Philadelphia  AJ BITEME (Anchorage, AL)
Pittsburgh  Reg W. (Ventura, CA)
San Francisco Giants  Kevin Hazam (Worcester, MA)
Seattle  Peter I. (Fitchburg, MA)
St. Louis  Mike Stover (Grand Prairie, TX)
Washington  Kevin Trainor (Tonopah, NV)