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Welcome to your Greatest Teams League! This page serves as a hub page for your league. You can see games in progress or that have been recently finished, current and upcoming series, as well as a list of all teams and owners in your league.

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Baltimore 1970  Christopher Gunst (Madison, WI)
Baltimore 1997  luka a. (QC)
Boston 2018  John Kavanagh (Cantonment, FL)
Chicago (N) 1929  Xtc 69 (Cantonment, FL)
Cincinnati 1975  Joe F. (Indianapolis, IN)
Kansas City 2015  Fred Abboud (Ralston, NE)
Montreal 1994  richard gagnon (otterburn park, QC)
New York (A) 1961  Todd T. (Denton, TX)
New York (N) 1986  Michael M. (NY)
Seattle 2001  Bob M. (MD)
St. Louis 1985  Frank Tate (CLARKSBURG, WV)
Washington 2019  Ian P. (VT)